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NHS Men's Club presents:

What do Jews do on December 24th? Kosher Chinese Dinner, of course!
Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Men's Club of Northern Hills Synagogue continued its own many-year tradition and a tradition of American Jewish life by preparing a kosher Chinese dinner for the congregation and the community on Tuesday evening, December 24. The Men's Club chefs presented a rich variety of dishes representing different styles of Chinese cuisine.

Many people brought their menorahs from home and participated in the group Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony. Bill Freedman, NHS President, welcomed everyone and also honored those who particpated in the "Create Your Jewish Legacy" Fund for the Future with a gift bag.

After the dinner, attendees enjoyed a screening of the classic movie, "The Mouse that Roared", while the kids played games in the Youth Lounge, and some of the adults played Rummikub and other board games.

The fondness of American Jews for Chinese food has been the subject of many jokes and also of scholarly research. A special feature of the American Jewish love of Chinese food is its peak on December 24-25. Like most Americans, American Jews usually have a day off from work on December 25. Without their own family holiday observances on that day, they sought out other forms of entertainment. For many years, movie theaters and Chinese restaurants were the only such opportunities available.

How lucky we are to have Northern Hills Men's Club and the other volunteers provide us with such an enjoyable evening!

Photography by Gayna Bassin

Steven Pentelnik and Bill Freedman.

Bill Freedman welcomed everyone.

Gift bags for "Create Your Jewish Legacy" Fund for the Future participants.

Gift bags were in alphabetical order.

Rabbi George Barnard at the menorahs.

Oded Zmora lights a candle.

Bill Freedman lights a candle.

Carol Hershenson lights her candles.

Cassondra Ferro lights her candles.

All the menorahs were lit for the third night of Hanukkah.

Appetizers were chicken tenders, mushroom egg rolls and egg drop soup.

Chicken tenders and egg rolls.

Bea Horowitz poured the egg drop soup for Craig Schlesinger.

Pam Simowitz-Weber, Paula Nevins and Candy Gellen.
(Photo by Sonia Milrod)

Rabbi Noah Ferro and his family.

Herb Brass takes a photo of the photographer!

The Tomaino family.

Laurel Wolfson, left, helped prepare the food.

The main dishes were white and fried rice, sechuan tofu, pepper steak and tilapia with ginger.

Everyone had a great time!


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