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Conservative Judaism

Ner TamidNorthern Hills Synagogue affiliated with the Conservative movement early in its history, and is strongly committed to its practices and ideals. Conservative Judaism strives to conserve Jewish tradition, combining a positive attitude toward the modern world, acceptance of critical scholarship regarding Judaism’s sacred texts, and commitment to Jewish observance. Conservative Judaism believes that Judaism has constantly evolved to meet the needs of the Jewish people, and that this evolution can continue today. 

Our religious services follow the schedule and pattern historically observed by most Jews, and reflected in our Conservative prayer books, Siddur Sim Shalom and Mah?zor Lev Shalem. We conduct our services mostly in Hebrew, and we chant the services and Biblical readings in traditional style. Kashrut and Shabbat are observed at all synagogue functions and activities.

While we actively promote Keruv (welcoming all those connected in some way to our community), we also respect the halakhic definition of Jewish status, formally recognizing as Jews only those who were born to a Jewish mother or who have converted to Judaism following traditional procedures. Our congregation actively participates in the activities of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the other arms of the movement.

Alongside our traditionalism, we are open to the modern world and concerned about our wider community. We became fully egalitarian in 1984, with full involvement by both the men and women in our religious services, the first Conservative congregation in Cincinnati to do so. We amended our Constitution to enable non-traditional households to hold household membership. We participate in a variety of social action and gemilut hasadim projects. Through our activities, our practices, and our philosophy, we express our identification with the ideals of Conservative Judaism.

A Proud Member of USCJ
United Synagogue of
Conservative Judaism

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