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Statement of Core Values

The Congregation will follow the forms, practices and usages of Conservative Judaism, shall be affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and shall be bound by its Standards of Congregational Practice. We value our congregation as a social and educational community as well as a spiritual center. Volunteerism provides the foundation for our synagogue and is reflected in our core values.

Synagogue Community

  • The Congregation is egalitarian, warm, welcoming, inclusive and accessible to all Jews, whether Jews by birth or traditional (halakhic) conversion, regardless of their race, age, gender, sexual orientation or the faith practiced by others in their household.

  • We embrace the value of congregational unity and strive to achieve it, emphasizing the importance of respecting all who are associated with NHS.

  • The Congregation derives its strength from the diversity and active participation of its membership. We encourage all members and those living in members' households to be involved in congregational services, programs, and activities.

  • The congregation values participatory decision making and full inclusion. We encourage discussion and tolerate dissent. We value and achieve harmonious, respectful Board/Staff relationships.

  • We encourage and support youth involvement in Jewish youth groups, particularly those sponsored by the Conservative movement: USY, Kadima and KOACH.

  • We will not turn away any members because they cannot afford dues. We will strive to keep dues as low as possible by encouraging voluntary contributions, such as through a High Holiday Appeal.

  • The Congregation strives to enhance the community's religious experience through new and creative approaches to programming.

Professional Leadership

  • The Rabbi serves as the Halakhic authority for the congregation, has complete freedom to express his/her views on the pulpit, is a member of the Conservative Rabbinical Assembly, and is an ex-officio member of the congregation.

  • Professional staff should sympathetically and empathetically support and address congregants' spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs.

  • The Rabbi and congregation value and encourage congregational participation and lay expertise in leading traditional, egalitarian services.

  • The congregation will operate a kitchen that is kosher by halakhic standards, including Shabbat and holiday observance.


  • The congregation is committed to lifelong learning. We value intellectual depth and sophistication in Jewish education and expect our professional staff to deliver substantive education and service leadership.

  • The congregation is committed to securing the best possible Jewish education for all of our youth.

  • We will develop and administer our education and youth programs to meet the needs of both day school and religious school students so that both groups feel equal and comfortable in the congregation.

  • Jewish education does not end at bar or bat mitzvah. We will do everything in our power to encourage all our youth to continue their Jewish education. We actively support Mercaz and are committed to its success.

Community Involvement
  • The congregation and professional staff actively support Israel, the Jewish community of Cincinnati, and the Jewish community worldwide.
  • We are committed to social action and gemilut hasadim.
  • We support Cincinnati Jewish community programs and service agencies, actively plan joint programs with other congregations, and encourage our members and staff to participate in community activities.
The statement of core values was originally adopted by the Board of Trustees of Northern Hills Synagogue - Congregation B'nai Avraham on August 26, 2002. The above statement reflects amendments as of October 30, 2011.



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