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Guide to Melodies in the Service

Would you like to learn the chants and tunes that we use at services? Click on the links below to open the MP3 files, and you can sing along!

Ki mi-tsiyon

394 Hotza'at ha-Torah (removing the Torah from the ark)

398 Lekha Adonai

424 Mizmor le-David

424 Mizmor le-David havu

426 Hakhnasat ha-Torah option 1

426 Hakhnasat ha-Torah option 2

426 Hakhnasat ha-Torah option 3

428-429 Kaddish and beginning of Amidah

432 K'vodo

432 Hu Eloheinu

432 Mi-m'komo

432 Na'aritz'kha



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