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Synagogue Board of Directors
2020 - 2021

Officers and Committees | Trustees | Past Presidents


Bill Freedman


Sarah Barnard, Vice President
Amy Frankel, Corresponding Secretary

  • Ritual Committee, David Zucker, Chair
  • Youth & Intergenerational Education
  • Family Programming
  • Member Life Cycle Stewardship


Joe Lazear, Vice President

  • External Engagement Programming
  • External Engagement Ritual Support and Events
  • External Engagement Community Support Activities
  • External Engagement Membership Initiatives


Henry Fenichel, Vice President

  • Facilities Maintenance and Planning
  • Security and Emergency Planning


Vic Amster, Vice President

Marty Cohen, Recording Secretary

Barry Wolfson, Financial Secretary

Matt Lee, Treasurer

  • Fundraising and Donor Stewardship
  • Personnel-Staff Oversight
  • Data and Technology Management
  • Financial Management and Reporting, Marty Cohen, Chair

TRUSTEES 2019 - 2021

Bobbi Handwerger Steven Pentelnik
Judy Knapp Ron Richards
Sonia Milrod Sandy Richards

TRUSTEES 2020-2021

Jeff Bassin
Connie Hinitz
David Zucker

TRUSTEES 2020-2022

Jeff Gushin Bobbie Winkler
Arnie Horowitz Laurel Wolfson
Richard Rashty Joe Zukor
Joel Suddleson  


Mr. Sam Comins* Ms. Edith Neusner
Mr. Julius Sass* Mr. Martin Ackerman
Mr. Leonard Ipp* Ms. Renee Roth
Mr. Norman Weiser* Dr. Henry Fenichel
Mr. Charles Specter Mr. William Freedman
Mr. Norman Epstein Dr. Herb Brass
Mr. Gerald Herbst Mr. Donald Hordes
Mr. Perry Brenner* Mr. Jeffrey Bassin
Dr. J. Leon Lichtin* Ms. Sonia Milrod
Mr. Robert Goldstein* Ms. Barbara Goldstein
Mr. Steven Ackerman* Mr. Steven Pentelnik
Mr. Louis Neusner* Dr. David Zucker
Mr. Ronald Richards Mr. Karroll Miller
Mr. Paul Biegelsen Mr. Joseph Lazear
Dr. Robert Perry Dr. David Bernstein
Dr. Harvey Singer Mr. Matt Lee

* deceased

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