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Jewish Legacy

Northern Hills Synagogue is a special community: its mission is to become and remain the most innovative, spiritually relevant, and welcoming synagogue to all age groups seeking a Jewish congregation in northeast Cincinnati.

We are an extended family where people of all ages are welcome and encouraged to become actively involved -- as participants and as leaders -- in our services, programs, planning, and leadership. Northern Hills Synagogue is a place for prayer and religious education. It is a place for Jewish children to meet and be with other Jewish children.

To provide our congregation with the financial support needed to maintain its long term vitality, we have established two initiatives: Create a Jewish Legacy and the Fund for the Future.

Create Your Jewish Legacy is part of an initiative sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.  It focuses on estate planning, aimed at creating an endowment for the congregation, to provide a perpetual source of income for the congregation.

The Fund for the Future aims at raising $800,000 for the congregation, payable over the next 5 years, both to create funding for current needs and to begin the process of creating an endowment fund.

To arrange to speak with a Northern Hills Synagogue volunteer about either of these important initiatives, please contact Bill Freedman (p) (513) 977-8232, or (email)

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