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The Weiser Memorial: The Burning Bush

In Memory of Norman Weiser
Installed in September 2006 This "Burning Bush" is a sculpture in Memory of Norm Weiser, one of our founding members. It was designed by Julie Staller-Pentelnik and sculpted by David Klass. The first photo: Ron Richards with our boulder. Ron and Sandy Richards and Julie Pentelnik went on a search for the "perfect boulder" for the sculpture. This one weighs about 2,000 pounds. The colors were perfect.
The second photo: The sculptor, David Klass, is the same artist who created our beautiful Ark Doors, years ago. As he worked on this new piece, he sent photos. This is one of the earlier stage photos he sent:
Third photo: The "Burning Bush" was delivered in a LARGE crate on July 10th, which as it turned out, was Norm Weiser's Birthday.
Fourth photo: The sculpture has been "uncrated" and is ready to be mounted into the bounder.
Fifth picture and sixth picture: These two pictures show part of the process of putting it into the boulder. The Stonecraft company sent out two very helpful workers who were careful, interested and respectful of what they were doing.
The last three photos are of the finished sculpture in place.

The view from the synagogue entrance toward the street is considered the front. This is because of the Hebrew letter shin, which makes up the flames in the Burning Bush. The shin is most clearly visible from this angle, however, as you walk around the sulpture, you can see the Shin (flames) from all directions.
Burning Bush sculpture
Front view, from the synagogue entrance.

Facing the synaogue entrance.


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