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NHS SISTERHOOD PRESENTS:Sisterhood Self Defense Class on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 10:15 am.

NHS Sisterhood presented a Self-Defense Class on Sunday, February 26, 2017 with guest instructor Mary Tons. Mary owns and teaches at Martial Arts America Kenwood. She specializes in the martial art form know as maududo. Mary Tons is a 4th degree black belt, Senior Instructor in the Maududo Federation and, an ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. She believes that everyone needs to have a personal safety plan for every circumstance.

In the "fishbowl exercise", we learned how to escape from a dangerous situation quickly without getting injured. Be sure to notice details in the people around you and shout from the diaphram in a commanding voice. Aim a palm strike to the nose while shouting "Hi-ya!"

We used soft black pads to practice strikes and protect the recipient. We also learned how to strike to the groin with a knee and shove a hand shaped like an "L" into the throat. If an attacker grabs your wrists, twist your arms in and up so that pressure is applied to his thumbs, then pull straight up. It will break his hold!

Karyn Lazear, left, Sisterhood President, held a short business meeting
before the class.

Tammy Meyer introduced Mary Tons, our guest speaker.

Tammy Meyer and Mary Tons.

Mary took us into the other end of the Social Hall for her demonstration.

Tammy Meyer assisted Mary.

Mary told us to escape if at all possible, don't try to fight.

We formed circles to escape the "fish bowl".

Mary held up a soft pad to strike with the palm in a self defense exercise.

We all got to practice striking the pad.

The bigger pads were for knee kicks.

Diana Fenichel prepares to kick in the groin.

Here Mary demonstrates how to escape from a wrist hold.

Mary showed us a self defense tool that she keeps on her key ring.

The wooded post makes an excellent weapon.

Tammy grabbed Mary from behind, and she used her weapon to escape.


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