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NHS Sisterhood Tea Time

Sunday, February 6, 2011
2:30 p.m.

On Sunday, February 6th, Northern Hills Synagogue Sisterhood held their monthly meeting at 2:30 p.m., followed at 3 p.m. by the delightful and informative program, “Tea Time.” 

Tracy and her daughter Diane, from the Essencha Tea House in Oakley, brought an assortment of different teas from China, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka and Japan. A universal symbol of hospitality, friendship, and warmth, tea is an effective bridge across cultures.  We learned about where teas come from, their history and proper brewing techniques. 

Yunnan Goldtips Supreme is a full-flavored black tea from China and required 5 minutes to infuse properly. Oolong tea comes from Taiwan and is semi-oxidized. Darjeeling, a very expensive tea, comes from India. Rooibus is a red tea from South Africa with no caffeine. There was also an unusual green tea from Japan that was mixed with toasted organic brown rice, and a white tea from Sri Lanka. All the teas were high in anti-oxidants and floride.

An assortment of savory and sweet delights prepared by the NHS Sisterhood culinary specialists accompanied the teas. Tracy and Diane brought the tea leaves around after brewing so that everyone could smell them.

Sisterhood Co-Presidents Sandy Spitz and Bobbi Handwerger.
Sisterhood Co-Presidents Sandy Spitz and Bobbi Handwerger
brought the meeting to order.
Table settings
The tables were set with brochures about the Essencha Tea House
and a "Tea Passport" in which one could keep track of all the
international teas available.
Assorted teas
The teas were arranged so that one could inspect the leaves.
Gift Shop table
There was also a table containing various items from the
Sisterhood Gift Shop.
Teas for sale.
Some teas for sale in the Sisterhood Gift Shop.
Gift items.
More Gift Shop items.
Tracy and Diane from Essencha Tea House.
Tracy and Diane, from the Essencha Tea House, prepared the teas..
There were a variety of sandwiches, fruits and desserts
on the buffet table.
Roz Shapiro, Program Director, poured some tea.
Roz Shapiro, Sisterhood Program Chair, poured some tea.
Diane offers tea leaves to smell.
Diane brought around the tea leaves to smell.
Roz Shapiro and Tracy.
Roz Shapiro thanked Tracy for a delicious and enlightening program.

Everyone had a great time!



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