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NHS Men's Club Presents:

The 8th Annual


Friday, July 22, 2011

The 8th Annual "Shabbat on the Range" began on Friday evening at 6 p.m. NHS musicians Claire Lee on flute, Gayna Bassin on violin and Douglas Mossman, guitar, performed cowboy tunes in the lobby as people gathered for the evening prayers. Kabbalat Shabbat was held in the Sanctuary, with Abigail Lee Halpern leading the service. The musicians continued to play until "L'Cha Dodi", the greeting of the Sabbath "bride", afterwhich Shabbat candles were lit.

After the service, everyone moved into the Zorndorf Social Hall, where a fantastic buffet dinner of grilled chicken, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw and corn on the cob awaited. David Zucker led HaMotzi, and everyone chowed down to a western-style dinner. There were also melons and cookies for desert.

After the dinner, Hal Winkler led a delightful Jewish cowboy trivia game, and Claire Lee led some sing-alongs, followed by Birkat Hamazon, Grace after Meals. Everyone departed for home around 9 pm, thoroughly satisified.

Photography by Jane Karlsberg.

Musicians played in the Synagogue lobby.
Musicians Claire Lee, Gayna Bassin and Douglas Mossman played
cowboy tunes in the NHS lobby before the evening service.
Abbie Lee Halpern and son.
Abigail Lee Halpern and son Rafi.
Jeff Bassin and David Zucker
Jeff Bassin and David Zucker.
Henry and Diana Fenichel in the Lobby
Henry and Diana Fenichel.
People in the lobby.
People in the NHS Lobby.
Rabbi Barnard with Claire Lee and Douglas Mossman.
Rabbi Barnard, Claire Lee and Douglas Mossman prepare to move
into the Sanctuary for the evening prayers.
The NHS Sanctuary
Everyone moved into the NHS Sanctuary for Kabbalat Shabbat.
In the Sanctuary.
Douglas Mossman, Claire Lee, Rafi and Abigail Lee Halpern.
The musicians accompanied Kabbalat Shabbat prayers.
Gayna Bassin, Douglas Mossman and Claire Lee accompanied the
Kabbalat Shabbat prayers.
Lots of people wore cowboy hats in the spirit of the evening's theme.
Lots of people wore Western-style hats in the spirit of the evening's theme.


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