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With Rabbi Marc Rosenstein, Ph.D.

Sunday, January 29, 2017
11:00 a.m. Brunch

From Generation to Generation:
Parents vs. Teachers in the Jewish Tradition

As the last event of the four-event "Scholar in Residence Weekend" at Northern Hills Synagogue, Rabbi Marc Rosenstein, Ph.D., spoke about his experiences in Jewish education, both as a parent and a teacher, after a delicious brunch buffet.

What is the relationship between Jewish community and identity? The tension between home and school is often seen as a modern phenomenon, part of the breakdown of the traditional community (not only among the Jews). However, it turns out that it has apparently always been with us: the Talmud addresses it explicitly, and we can even find it in the Bible. How does it play out in our lives? What can we/should we do about it? Rabbi Rosenstein brought up a number of perspectives to try to solve these problems.

Barbara Goldstein and Amy Healy-Callahan, our Kitchen Manager/chef.

The brunch buffet.

Potato kugel and pancakes were included on the Brunch buffet.

Sonia Milrod, Scholar in Residence Chair, introduced Rabbi Rosenstein.

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein.

Everyone enjoyed the discussion.


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