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Monday, March 9, 2020

7:30pm - 10:00pm

This year's Purim celebration began at 7:30pm with a festive reading of the Megillah, which included a slide show and comic shenanigans on the bima. After that, we adjourned to the Social Hall for drinks, bagels and shmoozing.

Then several NHS members participated in a hilarious Purim Spiel play about the story of Esther, only all the parts were played by the reverse genders. Finally, all participants left with a shaloach manot bag of goodies to take home.

Photography by Gayna Bassin and Laurel Wolfson.

Justin and Rabbi Samantha Schapera.

Eddie Bassin and Marv Mandelbaum.

Fred and Royal Duncan with Gail Stern.

The Fischer family.

Tammy and Oded Zmora.

Sue Amster with Steven and Julie Pentelnik.

Keith Bookbinder and Maria Mason.

Joe Zukor.

Peter and Barbi Tomaino.

Bill and Harriet Freedman.

Bob Stayton and Joe Zukor.

Laurel Wolfson and Steven Pentelnik.

Ben and Katrina Lee.

The Fischer family, in front of Fred Duncan.

Magillah readers: Oded Zmora, Ben Lee, Rabbi Noah Ferro, Rabbi Mark Washofsky,
Harlan Wahrman and Rabbi George Barnard.

Joe Zukor, Rabbi Ferro and Bob Stayton.

Joe Zukor, Rabbi Ferro and Bob Stayton.

Justin and Rabbi Samantha Schapera.

Harlan and Joan Wahrman.

"HAMAN!"     Groggers out!

Eddie Bassin.

Rabbi Schapera and Rabbi Ferro.

Sarah Barnard and Bea Opengart.

Jeff Bassin, Marv Mandelbaum and Bill Freedman at the bar.
For Jews Only: New Corona-Virus Beer.
Sign at the bar: For Jews Only: New Corona-Virus Beer. Brewed and Bottled by Haman and Sons Brewery.

The line for the bar.

Vic and Sue Amster with Barry Wolfson (barefoot and pregnant!)

Rabbi George Barnard.

Jeff and Gayna Bassin.

Candy and Alex Gellen.

Rabbi Ferro passed around a tzedakah box for donations.

Claire Lee accompanied the Purim Spiel on the piano.

Rabbi Ferro, Sue and Vic Amster.

Vic Amster.

Rabbi Ferro, Vic and Sue Amster.

Rabbi Ferro, Sue Amster and Rabbi Barnard.

Rabbi Ferro, Sue Amster and Barry Wolfson.

Oded Zmora and Bob Stayton face off!

Rabbi Ferro, Joe Zukor, Barry Wolfson, Rabbi Barnard, Vic Amster and Oded Zmora.


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