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Wednesday, February 38, 2018

Dinner at 6:30pm

Purim Service at 7:00pm

It is traditional to observe the holiday of Purim with a festive meal, dressing in costumes, reading the Book of Esther (Megillat Esther), giving gifts of food (mishloach manot) and giving to charity. At Northern Hills Synagogue, we also had games and activities for the kids and fun for the adults with groggers (noisemakers) and hamantashen (triangular cookies filled with fruit, named for the shape of the villain Haman's ears).

Northern Hills Synagogue members enjoyed a festive buffet dinner with pasta, pizza and salad, before the Purim service and Megillah reading. Afterwards, we sang Purim songs and people exchanged gifts of mishloach manot.

Student Rabbi Sara Zober passes by as Marv Mandelbaum washes his hands before the meal.

Sara Zober and family, dressed as the Incredibles, enjoyed the dinner buffet!

Several types of homemade pizza were available.

Two kinds of delicious pasta and salad on the buffet.

For dessert: assorted cookies and hamantashen
(Haman's ears: a triangular cookie special for Purim, usually filled with fruit).

Bob Stayton and Jeff Bassin.

Mark Washofsky, Matt Lee and Beverly Shapero.

Oded (the Tooth Fairy) and Tammy Zmora.

There was also a bouncy house for younger kids!

Julie and Steven Pentelnik.

Marv Mandelbaum led the evening service before the Megillah reading.

All the Megillah readers on the bima for a blessing:
Rabbi George Barnard, Ben Lee, Sonja Rethy, David Zucker,
Rabbi Mark Washofsky and Oded Zmora.

Sonja Rethy and David Zucker.

A slideshow illustrated the reading of the scroll of Esther.

Oded Zmora reading from the Megillah.

Rabbi Mark Washofsky reading from the Megillah.

Rabbi George Barnard.

Rabbi Barnard reading from the Megillah.

Henry Fenichel operated the projector.

Paula Nevins and Bobbie Winkler.

After the Megillah reading, Claire Lee accompanied some Purim songs on the piano.
The lyrics were projected onto the screen.

Mark Washofsky and Maria Mason.
Jeff and Lois Gushin with Bill and Harriet Freedman.

The Levenson family.

Carol Hershenson passed out Mishloach Manot (gifts of goodies) as we left for home.


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