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Congregational Summer Picnic on Sunday, August 26, 2018, from 12pm to 3pm.  Sponsored by Mens Club.
Photography by Gayna and Jeff Bassin

Rabbi Noah Ferro visits the Raffle Tickets Booth manned by
Henry and Diana Fenichel and Elaine Hordes.

Dr. Dan Glassman and Bev Shapero buy some tickets.

The Cincinnati Reds' Mascot, The Gapper, and a SWAT tank.

The Gapper greets a little girl.

The Raffle Prizes.

Larry Knapp inserts his ticket for a raffle prize.

Richard Rashty grilling burgers and hot dogs.

Chef Hank Stern enjoys a sample!

Eddie Bassin and Ben Lee.

Tables were set up under tents for eating and shmoozing.

A Deerfield Township fire truck.

A policeman gives a K-9 Police Dog demonstration.

The police dog finds the drugs hidden above the front tire.

Good boy!


Judy Schechter goes to pet the police dog.

The policeman answered questions after the demo.

Marv Mandelbaum

Carol Hershenson

The Little Tikes Bounce House.

Kids inside the Bounce House.

A policeman demonstrates some of his gear.

Policeman puts on a gas mask.

The Gapper and the Berryman family.

Kids got inside the SWAT tank.

Berrymans in the SWAT tank.

Joe Zukor

FC Cincinnati professional soccer player kicks the ball.

Kick that ball!

Rabbi Noah Ferro's family meets The Gapper.

Vic and Sue Amster with The Gapper.

Connie Hinitz, Paula Nevins and Claire Lee.

The Gapper and Eddie Bassin.

Jeff and Eddie Bassin won a raffle basket!

Bassins with The Gapper, Sue Amster and Marv Mandelbaum.

Julie Pentelnik won a basket too!


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