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Noodle Night: Take Two

(Sung to “Consider Yourself” from “Oliver”)

Consider yourselves at home.
Consider yourselves part of the family.
We’re aiding tikkun olam
While we all visit and have some fun.

Consider yourselves with friends.
Consider yourselves supporting our USY.
With Ohav and NHS
We surely have talent that is the best!

It is but once a year that we see the noodles cooked,
And the garlic bread so fine,
And when we pay the fee it’s not only for the food:
We get entertainment so divine!

Consider yourselves at home.
We don’t wanna make no fuss,
For after some consideration we can say:
That USY really rocks!

© Judy D. Miller 2011







Judy Miller singing her Noodle Night Song
Judy Miller singing her Noodle Night: Take Two
June 5, 2011


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