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Noodle Night

By Judy Miller

Premiered at Noodle Night Talent Show
February 7, 2009

(To the Tune of “Yesterday” by the Beatles)

Noodle Night, I’m so glad I brought my appetite.
What a culinary grand delight!
Thanks USY for Noodle Night.
USY once again is aiming very high,
Making food for all to satisfy.
Oh, much tzedakah they’ll come by.
Why those calories do not count:
They’re for a cause,
Although Monday when I weigh in
There’ll be no grand applause.
Noodle Night, eating pasta to our heart’s delight.
Everyone please take another bite.
Thanks USY for Noodle Night!
M-m-m-m, Noodle Night.

© 2009 Judy Miller

Judy Miller singing her Noodle Night Song
Judy Miller singing her song,
Noodle Night: Take Two
June 5, 2011


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