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Important News about October Services

This weekend we're moving up our start time for Friday afternoon services. Please note the following items:

1. Friday afternoon services

For the rest of the month of October, we are moving the start time of our Friday Zoom services up to 5:30 PM. As we head deeper into autumn and toward the winter solstice, the time for candle-lighting and the beginning of Shabbat is getting earlier each week. We are rescheduling to ensure that services will conclude before that time.

On Friday, our Zoom services begin at 5:30. The zoom link is:

Please note as well that beginning in November (following the time change), we will shift our start time again, moving it up to 4:00 PM.

2. In-Person Services

Would you like to attend in-person Shabbat morning services (9:30 AM) or be willing to if needed for a minyan?

We want to make sure we have a minyan at each in-person service. We do not anticipate a large crowd or any need to limit RSVPs.

Please RSVP for in-person services to:

This will help us make sure we both make minyan and offer appropriate room to our attendees.

3. Live Streaming Options

If you don't feel safe coming to in-person services, you can live stream them from the following links:

Our YouTube channel is currently the recommended option.


Thanks in advance!

Mo'adim lesimḥah,

Rabbi Noah Ferro


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