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Hi-Tech Success in Israel with a Cincinnati Connection
Sunday, May 15, 2016

Northern Hills Synagogue is continuing its popular “Living Room Learning” series with Ziv Riezman, US CEO of CEMax, who spoke on “Hi-Tech Success in Israel with a Cincinnati Connection” on May 15th at 7:30 PM. Harriet and Bill Freedman were hosts.

CEM’s focus is on helping their corporate clients provide the best possible customer experience. With 80% of Israeli banks already among their clients, Ziv was thinking of expanding his thriving business in the US. At the same time, a delegation from Greater Cincinnati visited Netanya to discuss business opportunities in the Tri-State and invited him to breakfast. As a result, Riezman and his wife, Liat, visited Cincinnati in October 2014 to see the possibilities for themselves.

He met with families, businesses, saw the school, saw the Jewish Community Center and left convinced that Cincinnati would provide the best environment for both his company and his family. He says that “it’s the amazing community eco system is what brought us here, and it’s something we all can be proud of.”

This and other Northern Hills Living Room Learning programs are held in member’s homes. For more information about this program, please contact Northern Synagogue – 513.931.6038 or

Photography by Herb Brass.

Ziv Reizman
Ziv Riezman, US CEO of CEMax.

Karroll Miller and Julie Pentelnik.

Ziv Riezman and Sonia Milrod

Front: Ron Richards, Marv Mandelbaum, Julie Pentelnik, Sonia Milrod.
Rear: Deborah and Olivier Fischer, Steven Pentelnik.

Left to right: Ziv Riezman, Sandy and Ron Richards, Deborah and Olivier Fischer, Marv Mandelbaum, Steven and Julie Pentelnik, Sonia Milrod.

Front: Claire Lee, Oded and Tamar Zmora and Harriet Freedman.
Rear: Bill Freedman.

Sonia Milrod introduces Ziv Riezman.

Harriet Freedman and Deborah and Olivier Fischer.
Phyliss Shubs, Tamar Zmora, Bobbi Handwerger, Diana Fenichel
and Raye Brass.
Ziv Riezman, Steven Pentelnik and Oded Zmora.

Judy Miller, Julie Pentelnik and Karroll Miller.
Harriot Freedman and Harry Schneider
Harriet Freedman and Harry Schneider


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