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Kashrut is one of the basic institutions of Jewish religious life. We read in the Talmud Tractate Bava Metzia, “It has been taught in the school of Rabbi Yishmael: The Holy One, Praised be He, said, ‘If I had brought Israel up from Egypt only for this one thing, that they not contaminate themselves with creeping things, it would have been sufficient.’”

Promoting observance of the dietary laws is also one of the basic principles of Conservative Judaism, included in the Aims of the United Synagogue, and in Article IV, Section 1 of the Standards for Congregational Practice in this language:

The congregation shall require, and make every effort to ensure, that Shabbat and Kashrut are appropriately observed at all functions on the premises owned or under its control, and functions sponsored by the congregation or under its auspices on other premises. All of such functions shall be viewed as means to further the teachings and values of Judaism.

Northern Hills Synagogue – Congregation B’nai Avraham supports and promotes the observance of the dietary laws in several ways.

All food served in the synagogue itself is prepared and served in accordance with the standards of the NHS Kashrut Manual.

Instruction in kashrut is regularly given at the synagogue, and bulletins containing current kashrut information are sent to the congregation.

When synagogue activities are held at congregants’ homes, only kosher food is served, in accordance with the applicable synagogue protocol.

When synagogue activities are held away from the synagogue building, and not in congregants’ homes, the following considerations are taken into account:

Although the practice of eating fish, dairy, or vegetarian dishes in non-kosher facilities is very widely accepted in the Conservative movement, there is no official position of the movement which gives blanket approval to the practice.

Under the best of circumstances, eating in a non-kosher facility involves compromising the observance of kashrut.

In order to promote Jewish life in our community, the congregation supports kosher restaurants and suppliers of kosher food.

The values of convenience and conviviality which may be realized by holding a synagogue meeting or activity in a non-kosher facility are weighed against the values of kashrut observance and supporting kosher establishments.

Official synagogue events, activities, or meetings (i.e., things which might appear on the synagogue calendar) are not held in non-kosher restaurants or facilities unless the following options have first been considered:

  1. Structuring the event so that food is not included in it.

  2. Holding the event at a kosher restaurant.

  3. Holding the event at the synagogue, and bringing in food from a kosher source.

  4. Holding the event in a congregant’s home.

If a synagogue event, activity, or meeting is held in a non-kosher facility, then all participants eat only kosher fish, dairy, or vegetarian foods.



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