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Igniting a Fire for Disability Inclusion
Matan Koch, Inclusion Speaker

What does Judaism say about inclusion? How can we make our community more inclusive? Come to this important and informative session with renowned speaker and educator Matan Koch, a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School who served under President Obama on the National Council on Disability.

If you have heard an "Igniting Inclusion" speech, you know the story of Matan Koch’s arrival at Northern Hills Synagogue, and how his experience there serves as a shining example for him of the mutual benefit that both people with disabilities and without realize when a community is truly prepared to include.  Truly, Northern Hills Synagogue is a part of the very landscape in which the initiative is rooted.

Matan Koch (seated) and Rabbi Gershom Barnard
Matan Koch and Rabbi Gershom Barnard

The "Igniting Inclusion Fund" at Northern Hills Synagogue is therefore at the same time an exciting new initiative and a logical extension of the sustaining and supporting role of Northern Hills in the work of igniting inclusion. 

The "Igniting Inclusion Fund" will be used to make direct grants to nonprofit organizations, with first priority to Jewish organizations, to be used toward the cost of an Igniting Inclusion Event.  For more on igniting inclusion’s Jewish events check out Matan Koch's website page, Jewish Offerings.

Our aim is to target grants in such a way as to enable events that would not be able to happen without them, while ensuring that the host community contribute whatever resources it is able to maximize the effect of the gift.

Thus, while the full budget for a Shabbaton weekend event is around $5000, a gift of that amount could easily enable three or more events to occur.  A gift of $1000 could easily enable a supplemental appearance to an existing tour or a local event in the Boston area.

There are many ways to ignite the fire of inclusion, and your contribution is a critical piece. Would you prefer to fund the bringing Igniting Inclusion to your community?  First, check out Matan's Upcoming Appearances page to see if he is already coming to your community and your region. 

Then reach out via Matan's Contact page indicating your willingness to fund a new visit or supplemental appearance to an existing trip.  We will reach out to you and together we will make it happen.

Click here to go to the NHS Donation Page to make a gift. Or fill out the form below:

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