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New Horizons Dixieland Band

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
12:00 pm Noon

NHS Hazak presented a delicious lunch buffet and concert of Dixieland Jazz and more on Wedneday, September 17th. After enjoying the buffet that included Asian chicken, vegetable fried rice and lo mein, salad and assorted cookies and fruit, Rabbi David Siff led us in Birkat HaMazon, Grace after Meals.

The New Horizons Dixieland Band is led by tuba player Bruce Knapp, who introduced most of the songs. The band is a subgroup of the larger New Horizons Band of Cincinnati, which consists of 40+ players. NHS member Claire Lee is also a long-time member of the group, playing on both piano and piccolo. As a special treat, NHS member Jeri Fish sang the Yiddish classic, "Bei Mir Bist Du Shein" accompanied by the Band. In addition to a variety of Dixieland numbers, the band delighted the audience with a rendition of "Havah Nagilah", inspiring several to get up and dance!

Photography by Gayna Bassin.

The Registration Table
Bea Goodman, Cecelia and Sterling Euster at the Registration Table.
Different styles of candles
A variety of pretty candles were for sale as a fundraiser.
The lunch buffet
Fried rice, lo mein and salad were on the Lunch Buffet.
Renee Roth served the chicken.
Renee Roth served two kinds of chicken.
People getting food at the Lunch Buffet.
The line of people for the Lunch Buffet.
Rabbi David Siff led Birkat HaMazon.
Rabbi David Siff led Birkat HaMazon.
The was an unusually large crowd that day!
The was an unusually large crowd that day!
The New Horizions Dixieland Band performed.
After lunch, the New Horizions Dixieland Band performed.
The Band's sign
The Band performs.
The audience enjoyed the music very much.
Maksim Shilkrot at a table.
Everyone enjoyed the concert!
Max and Judy Schechter.
Max and Judy Schechter.
Another table.
Edie Neusner, Renee Roth, Raye Brass and Grace Lehrer.
People listening
Claire Lee on the piano.
Claire Lee on the piano.
People dancing to Havah Nagilah
People dancing to "Havah Nagilah".
Jeri Fish sings "Bei Mir Bis Du Shein"
Jeri Fish singing "Bei Mir Bis Du Shein."
More people dancing to the music.
People dancing in the back of the room.
Claire Lee on piccolo in "The Saints Go Marching In"
Claire Lee on piccolo in "The Saints Go Marching In".
Gayna Bassin and Barbara
Gayna Bassin and Barbara Goldstein.



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