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Lunch and Program
September 14, 2016

The Music Hall Renovation
Guest Speaker: Janelle Gelfand

Visit to read more about the renovation.

Sarah Barnard led the HaMotzi blessing over bread.

Bobbi Handwerger registered people at the entrance.

Everyone enjoyed the lunch buffet.

Matt Yosafat got cookies for dessert.

Elaine Hordes welcomed everyone to Hazak.

Elaine introduced our guest speaker, Janelle Gelfand.

Janelle Gelfand has been Classical Music Critic for the
Cincinnati Enquirer since 1993.

Janelle prepared a slide show to show how Music Hall
will be renovated this year.

A slide showing Luminocity 2015.

The final concert at Music Hall in May 2016.

The old Springer Auditorium at Music Hall.

The future Springer Auditorium at Music Hall.

A floor plan of the renovation of Music Hall.

A view of the new "thrust" of the stage, projecting into the hall.

Visit to read about the renovation.

Bobbi Handwerger thanked Janelle for her
excellent and informative presentation.


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