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Rabbi Perlman recited the HaMotzi blessing over the bread to begin the meal.
Elaine Hordes, right, is Hazak Chair.

A delicious lunch buffet

The dessert table.

It was Raye Brass's birthday and Amy brought out a cake!

Make a wish, Raye!

Claire Lee led the Birkat HaMazon, grace after the meal.

Bobbi Handwerger, Program Chair, introduced our guest speaker, Rabbi Jonathan Perlman.

Rabbi Perlman gave us the history of Union Terminal and talked about the restoration work
it is undergoing now. It has the highest dome in the Western Hemisphere, but water damage
left many parts of the building in danger of collapsing.

A slide showing the structural framing of the dome during construction in 1931.

A mosaic and antique car that were moved to the CVG Airport.

A levee will raise the $220 million needed to restore the Center.

New lighting will bring out the silver highlights of this mosaic.

Giant teeth at the museum!

When the Museum Center re-opens, it will have a new Dinosaur Hall and Audubon exhibit.
The Holocaust and Humanity Center will move to the restored Museum Center in 2019.


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