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"Beer Halls & Brothels: The True Purim Story"
Guest Speaker: Rabbi Shena Potter Jaffee

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 12 Noon

HaZak, our Solomon Schechter Award-winning program, is dedicated to serving the social, educational, and religious needs of our members aged 55 and over. NHS members and guests receive a delicious lunch and an enjoyable, stimulating program afterwards. Elaine Hordes is Hazak Chair. Rabbi Jaffee recited the HaMotzi, blessing over bread, and Sarah Barnard led Birkat HaMazon, grace after eating.

In preparation for Purim, guest speaker Rabbi Shena Potter Jaffee explored the Biblical book of Esther and read about the parts they don't cover in Sunday school! For example, Esther was forced to marry a non-Jewish king and live in his harem. Queen Vashti is now regarded as a early feminist, rather than as an evil person.

Rabbi Shena Potter Jaffee is the Director of Jewish Family at the Mayerson Jewish Community Center, where she helps intergrate awareness of the richness of Jewish culture and traditions into the life of the JCC and the wider community. Before joining the Mayerson JCC, Shena served positions with HUC-JIR as Regional Director of Admissions and Recruitment, Associate Rabbi of Temple Sinai in Washington, D.C. and Assistant Director of the University of Michigan Hillel. Shena received rabbinic ardination through HUC-JIR, she is a member of the boards of the JCRC and the AJC. She is currently serving as a president of the Greater Cincinnati Board of Rabbis. She has served as adjunt Faculty at University of Cincinnati, Judaic studies. She regularly lectures and delivers sermons throughout Cincinnati at local synagogues, schools and organizations.

Photography by Gayna Bassin.

Rabbi Shena Potter Jaffe recited the HaMotzi blessing over bread.

Rabbi Jaffee ate the bread after blessing it.

The lunch buffet featured rolls, salad and pasta. The large bowls were
there for peole who wished to ritually wash their hands and then say HaMotzi.

An assortment of cakes and cookies for dessert.

Sarah Barnard led the Birkat HaMazon, Grace after Eating.

Sarah Barnard reciting Birkat HaMazon.

Bobbi Handwerger introduced Rabbi Jaffee.

Rabbi Jaffee suggested that we read parts of the Book of Esther in the Megillah book.

Everyone was given a copy of the Megillah.

Rabbi Jaffee gave a more adult interpretation of the story of Purim.

Jeff Gushin with Peter and Barbie Tomaino.

Jim Silver and Steve Selss.
After her presentation, Rabbi Jaffee answered questions from the audience.

Arnie Horowitz was one of those who asked a question.

Rabbi Jaffee mentioned a program at the JCC on Sunday that she was involved in.
"We Declare" program at the Mayerson JCC on Sunday, February 25, 2018 from 2-5 pm.
"We Declare", Israel's Declaration of Independence,
at the Mayerson JCC on Sunday, Feb. 25th from 2-5pm
in celebration of Israel's 70th anniversary.


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