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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
12:00 Noon

Lunch & Program: What's New at the Zoo
Guest Speaker: Sandra Spitz

Hazak is Northern Hills Synagogue's educational, social and religious program for our over-55 members and guests. We usually meet one Wednesday a month from 12-2pm with a lunch and interesting program.

Today, after a delicious lunch of salad, pasta and rolls, Sandra Spitz presented a PowerPoint presentation about new developments at the Zoo, especially the life story of its star attraction, Fiona the Hippo. Sandra has been a Cincinnati Zoo volunteer since 2002. We learned a lot!

Bowls for ritually washing the hands were at the head of the buffet table.

Pamela Simowitz-Weber selects some desserts.

Hazak Co-Chair Sarah Barnard led Birkat HaMazon, Grace after Eating.

Bobbi Handwerger, Hazak Co-Chair, welcomed everyone.

Sandra Spitz's daughter and her husband talked about their new brownie business.

Sandra Spitz started her presentation about hippos by telling us Fiona's life story.


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