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Lunch & Program
October 19, 2016

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Stephen T. Mockabee
Polls, Politics and Public Opinion

Dr. Stephen T. Mockabee is Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Political Science Department of University of Cincinnati.

Lunch began with Edie Neusner saying the HaMotzi blessing over bread.

The lunch buffet included salad, pasta and pizza.

Joe Lazear and Rocky Weiser got drinks.

Assorted cookies were for dessert.

People got in line for lunch.

Candy and Alex Gellen with Pam Simowitz-Weber.

Bobbie Winkler encouraged everyone to sign up to help with the
upcoming Rummage Sale.

Sarah Barnard led Birkat HaMazon, Grace after Meals.

Bobbi Handwerger welcomed everyone and introduced our guest speaker.

Bobbi told us about Dr. Stephen T. Mockabee.

Elaine Hordes, Dr. Stephen T. Mockabee and Marv Mandelbaum.

Dr. Mockabee prepared a slide show to illustrate his presentation.

He talked about how every poll has a margin for error.

Jeri Fish asked a question.

Bobbi Handwerger thanked Dr. Mockabee for his fascinating talk.


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