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Northern Hills Synagogue was proud to present Dan Fagin, Director and CEO of Cedar Village, at the Hazak Lunch on Wednesday, January 17, 2018. The lunch buffet featured turkey and corned beef sandwiches, cole slaw, potato chips, and a variety of cakes and cookies. Elaine Hordes welcomed everyone, and Rabbi George Barnard led the Birkat HaMazon, grace after eating.

Bobbi Handwerger introduced our guest speaker, Dan Fagin, who spoke about Cedar Village's history, services, and what the future may hold. He explained many of the most recent trends and challenges in retirement communities. Unlike many centers, Cedar Village does not charge an entry fee, just a move-in fee equal to one month's rent. Currently, there are 162 beds in the Nursing Home section and 105 apartments in the assisted living section. Cedar Village is currently engaged in strategic planning so as to be able to offer the same level of security, health care and Jewish services in the future.

Dan Fagin is the President & CEO of Cedar Village, assuming the role in 2015.  Prior to joining Cedar Village, he served as the Chief Operating Officer of our local Jewish Federation, where he implemented the community's Shared Business Service organization, and the SAFE Cincinnati program for our Jewish organizations.  Before that, Dan spent most of his career working in the management consulting industry, with well known firms including Ernst & Young, Arthur Andersen and Protiviti.

Dan is a life-long resident of Cincinnati, and member of Wise Temple.  He has served on a the board of the temple as well as a number of its committees.  Dan also served as the president of the board for the Share the Luck Foundation, a charity started  by his son when he was only 12 years old.   Dan and his wife Kari, the Director of Communications and Member Engagement at Wise Temple, live in Mason.  Their daughter Anna lives in Chicago and works in the Public Relations industry.  Their son Jacob is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at the University of Alabama.

HaZak, our Solomon Schechter Award-winning program, is dedicated to serving the social, educational, and religious needs of our members aged 55 and over. The word HaZaK, which means "strength" in Hebrew, also stands for Hokhma (Wisdom), Ziknah (Maturity) and Kadimah (Looking Forward). Elaine Hordes is Hazak Chair.

HaZak programs are scheduled once a month on Wednesdays from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. They include a variety of entertaining speakers and musical performances, as well as a delicious and healthy lunch. Donations are appreciated.

Everyone helped themselves at the lunch buffet.

Rabbi George Barnard led Birkat HaMazon, Grace after the Meal.

People joined in with the Birkat HaMazon.

Bobbie Handwerger introduced our guest speaker, Dan Fagin,
Director and CEO of Cedar Village.

Dan Fagin started as the President & CEO of Cedar Village about two
and a half years ago. Cedar Village has been in Mason for 25 years.

Dan took questions from the audience.

Bobbi Handwerger thanked Dan for coming.

We all learned a lot about Cedar Village!


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