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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
12:00 PM

Guest Speaker:
Rabbi Gershom Barnard

On Wednesday afternoon, November 15th, NHS HaZak presented a kosher Chinese buffet and presentation by our own Rabbi Gershom (George) Barnard. Rabbi Barnard began the program with a Powerpoint slide show demonstrating the different geographic areas of different Chinese cuisine and how to eat using chop sticks. Because there was no bread served, he did not recite HaMotzi but instead said a different blessing over the food. The buffet featured chicken broccoli, fried rice, Sechuan Green Beans, noodles, hand-made egg rolls, and for dessert, almond cookies, fortune cookies and fruit. Each food recipe was from a different region in China.

HaZak, our Solomon Schechter Award-winning program, is dedicated to serving the social, educational, and religious needs of our members aged 55 and over. The word HaZaK, which means "strength" in Hebrew, also stands for Hokhma (Wisdom), Ziknah (Maturity) and Kadimah (Looking Forward).

HaZak programs are scheduled once a month on Wednesdays from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. They include a variety of entertaining speakers and musical performances, as well as a delicious and healthy lunch. Watch for details on the Home Page and the monthly Bulletin about our award-winning programming!

Bobbi Handwerger and Carol Hershenson registered Sandra Spitz.

Rabbi Barnard began his demonstration.

A video demonstrates how to eat with chop sticks.

A map of different regions of China.

Everyone had chop sticks and plastic forks and knives on their tables.

Rabbi Barnard says a blessing over the rice instead of bread.

Desserts and drinks.

Fruit and hot drinks.

Rabbi Barnard led a modified Birkat HaMazon, Grace after Eating.

Rabbi Barnard continued his presentation.

The Yin - Yang of Food.

The program ended with a joke:
Sign in the window of a Chinese restaurant thanking "The Jewish People"
for eating there on Christmas Eve.

The Chinese Rest. Assoc. of the United States
would like to extend our thanks to The Jewish People.
We do not completely understand your dietary customs...
But we are proud and grateful that your G-D insist you
eat our food on Christmas.
Happy Holidays!


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