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NHS Winter Fundraiser:

An EnterTRAINing Evening at EnterTrainment Junction!
Saturday, February 9, 2019

Northern Hills Synagogue held its winter fundraiser on Saturday night, February 9th, at EnterTrainment Junction, a huge indoor entertainment complex in West Chester, Ohio. The evening began with delectable appetizers, wine and soft drinks. Raffle tickets were sold at the registration table for split-the-pot funds, and the Gift Shop and Toy Store on site were open.

Larry Bredestege, a volunteer from the American Railroad Museum, was our guest speaker. He entertained us with stories about early days of the railroad and how this center was created. The displays include 90 large G-scale model trains that run a 2 mile track in a panoramic journey through three periods of American history. There was also an astonishing recreation of Cincinnati's own Coney Island amusement park, with running rides and a detailed history of the park. Many of the displays were interactive, with sound and lighting effects, and hunting for the items in the scavenger hunt kept everyone busy. The venue also had a "Fun House" area for children of all ages that included a mirror maze, clown college, and startling optical illusions.

Finally, we enjoyed luscious desserts while Bob Stayton tallied up the scavenger hunt totals. Prizes were awarded and everyone left with happy memories of the evening!

Many thanks to Jeffrey Bassin, Fundraising Vice-President and Event Chair, and the many volunteers and staff who made this evening so much fun!

Photography by Gayna Bassin.

Karyn & Joe Lazear and Carol Hershenson manned the Registration table.
Vic Amster registers.

Salmon appetizers.

Gluten-free snacks.

Lots of delicious vegetarian appetizers!

Ron and Sandy Richards register.

Arnie Horowitz puts his raffle tickets in the NHS Fund pot.
Prizes for the Scavenger Hunt winners!

Rabbi George and Sarah Barnard enjoyed the red wine and apps.
Judy Workman and Julie Pentelnik.
Cassondra and Rabbi Noah Ferro.

Mark and Jane Karlsberg.

Jeff Bassin, Event Chair, welcomed everyone and introduced
our guest speaker, Larry Bredestege.

Larry Bredestege, who is 87 years young, talked about the history of trains in
America and how this venue was painstakingly built. Larry's dad was a
railroad engineer, and he himself worked on railroads for 43 years.

Larrie also took questions from the audience.

Jeff Bassin and Larry Bredestege.

Bob Stayton handed out Scavenger Hunt lists.

Many people went into the Train Museum to hunt for items on the list. We passed through displays that illustrated three distinct periods of American history.
The landscapes had lots of comical and creative details that helped us
learn how people lived and traveled in those eras.

Looking at the interactive displays in the Train Museum.

a sign in front of a display explains how trains were powered in the early days.

There was a huge, new display about Cincinnati's Coney Island upstairs.

The history of Coney Island.

A model of old Coney Island with working rides and gondolas.

Coney Island rides would run when buttons in the wall were pushed.

View from the second floor.

Vic Amster getting some dessert and coffee.

There were assorted tiny cheesecakes and pastries for dessert.

Joe Lazear and Rabbi Ferro pulled winning tickets from the pots.

Karyn Lazear and Bob Stayton handed out prizes.

Cheryl and David Bernstein check their tickets.

Rabbi Ferro pulls a ticket from one of the pots.

Lois Gushin is a winner!

Larry Bredestege said good night and please come again.

Gail Stern won the 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Julie Pentelnik won a gift certificate.

Cassondra Ferro won free "do it all" tickets to Entertrainment Junction.

Sue Amster won a gift certificate to Trio Bistro.

Margie Stayton won 4 free movie tickets.

Ron and Sandy Richards with Isabelle Namanworth.

Our friendly bartenders for the evening.

Bob Stayton and Jeff Bassin thanked everyone for coming.



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