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Saturday Evening, November 7, 2020

6:15 PM

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Following a short Havdalah ceremony, Rabbi Sam Schapera will be holding an Election Check-In on Zoom. This is a chance for all of us to find companionship after a long week of uncertainty within our Northern Hills community.**

This is an anxious time for us as a nation as we wait for the results of who will be the next president of the United States. At this time, the votes have been cast and the only thing we can do now is continually press the refresh buttons on the election results website... and wait.

As with COVID, we are forced once again to come face-to-face with our lack of control over the current circumstances. And the lack of control mixed with the uncertainty of the future is a stressful feeling for many of us.

With this in acknowledgment, Rabbi Schapera wants to offer a chance for us to share our joys and sorrows, our fears and hopes for the future. On Saturday evening, November 7 at 6:15 PM, following a short Havdalah ceremony, she will be holding an Election Check-In. This is a chance for all of us to find companionship after a long week of uncertainty within our Northern Hills community.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the election process and need to talk with someone, please call Rabbi Schapera at (513-399-6431) or send an email ( The contact information for the rest of the NHS staff can be found here on our Contact page.

In the meantime, as we wait for the final election results, we would like to share a prayer with you. This prayer was written in 2008 by Rabbi David Mevorach Seidenberg.

The prayer below includes a space for us to put our love our country and our world into action. We encourage you to think of a cause you would like to donate your time or money to in the coming year - a pledge to put the nervous energy we feel now during the election into a productive energy of caring for the world.

May you all have a restful night and may God always bless America.

"A Prayer for the Election" by Rabbi David Mevorach Seidenberg

Behold, I am intending
    through my prayer
    to seek peace for this country,
    as it is written (Jer. 29:7):"Seek the peace of the city
    where I cause you to roam
    and pray for her to YHVH (Hashem/Adonai/God),
    for in her peace you all will have peace."

May it be Your will, YHVH, that votes
    be counted faithfully
    and may You count my vote
    as if I had fulfilled this verse
    with all my power.

May You give a listening heart
    to whomever we elect
    and may it be good in Your eyes
    to raise for us a good government
    to bring healing, justice and peace
    to all living in this land
    and to all the world, and upon Jerusalem,
    a government that will honor the image of God
    in all humanity and in Creation,
    for rulership is Yours.

Just as I have participated in the election
    so may I merit to do good works
    and to repair the world through all my efforts,
    and through the act of... [fill in your pledge]
    which I pledge to do
    on behalf of all living creatures,
    in remembrance of the covenant of Noah's waters,
    to protect and to not destroy
    the earth and her plenitude.

Give to all the peoples of this country
    the strength and will to pursue righteousness
    and to seek peace as unified force
    to uproot racism and violence
    and to make healing, good life and peace flourish
    here and throughout the world
    and fulfill for us the verse (Ps. 90:17):"May the pleasure of Adonai our God
    be upon us, and establish
    the work of our hands for us,
    and make the work of our hands endure."

**Please note that this Election Check-In will be a safe space for everyone, regardless of political affiliation. This will not be a place for antagonizing or hatred, and anyone who causes others to feel unsafe will be asked to leave.


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