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Donate to Refugees

Bath in a Bag (cost $25 per person)

1 Bath towel
1 Hand towel
1 Wash cloth
1 Adult-size toothbrush
1 Full-size toothpaste
1 Bar soap 1 Stick deodorant
1 Razor (small pack) disposable
1 Full-size bottle shampoo
1 Full-size bottle conditioner
1 Comb
1 Toilet paper (4-pk)

Bed in a Bag (cost $50 per person)

Twin size sheet set (1 fitted, 1 flat, 1 pillowcase included)
Twin Size Blanket
Twin Size Comforter
Pillow- must be new in package

Kitchen in a bag (cost $120 for a family of 4)

4 Plates
4 Bowls
4 Sets of silverware (knife, fork, spoon)
4 Glasses
4 Mugs
1 Larger sauce pan (lid optional) (two sauce pans total if you do not have different sizes)
1 Small frying pan (lid optional)
1 Larger frying pan (lid optional)
2 or 3 Mixing bowls (sometimes in sets of 3)
1 Stock pot
1 Tea kettle
1 Can opener
1 Set of measuring cups
1 Set of measuring spoons
1 Cookie sheet (flat baking sheet)
1 Rectangular cake pan
1 Cutting board
1 Silverware container
1 Chef knife
1 Paring knife
1 Flipper / Spatula
2 Large spoon for stirring/serving
1 Bowl strainer
1 Pitcher
3 or 4 Dish towels
2 Hot pads or oven mitts
3 Small storage containers (like disposable packs)
1 container Dish detergent

Please send cash donations to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, with “Refugees” in the memo line. You can donate online by clicking here. Bring donations in kind to the synagogue.

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