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Sunday, December 25, 2016
Second Night of Chanukah

NHS Men's Club presented an outstanding dinner and Chanukah program on Sunday evening, December 25th. the festivities began with the lighting of the menorahs that people brought from home. Then we all enjoyed potato latkes with applesauce and sweet and sour sauce. The dinner buffet featured hot and sour soup, served by Brian Freedman, and a variety of authentic Chinese dishes, including home-made egg rolls, chicken with vegetables, white and fried rice, braised beef, and green beans with tofu.

After a delightful dessert of fortune cookies, sufganiot (jelly donuts), grapes and oranges, NHS member Vic Amster performed magic tricks on the stage, assisted by the Lazear grand-kids! Everyone who contributed to the event was thanked, and then we all went to either watch a movie in the Social Hall or play games in the Youth Lounge.

Many thanks to all the people who helped with this event:

Vic Amster
Rabbi Gershom Barnard
Sarah Barnard
Gayna Bassin
Jeff Bassin
Raye Brass
Henry Fenichel
Brian Friedman
Jeff Gushin
Amy Healey-Callahan
Kim Heath
Carol Hershenon
Arnie Horowitz
Claire Lee
Matt Lee
Ron Richards
Sandy Richards
Barry Wolfson
Chana Wolfson
Laurel Wolfson

Photography by Herb Brass, Henry Fenichel and Gayna Bassin.

Earlier in the week, Men's Club members cooked the dinner:

Rabbi George Barnard directed the recipes.

Herb Brass.

Jeff Gushin.

Henry Fenichel and Vic Amster.

Vic Amster.

Vic Amster and Herb Brass.

Vic Amster & Henry Fenichel.

Amy Healy-Callahan

Jeff Bassin.

Laurel Wolfson

Barry Wolfson.

Ron and Sandy Richards.

Photos from the Chinese Dinner

Carol Hershenson, right, registered people coming in.

Menorahs were set up on a separate table.

Jeff Bassin lights his menorah.

The Lazear family.

Latkes with applesauce and sweet and sour sauce.

Brian Freedman served the hot and sour soup.

The dinner buffet.

Desserts and beverages.

Vic Amster's Magic Show

Magic domino cards

Magic handkerchiefs.

Magic Ropes.

Chana Wolfson led Birkat HaMazon, Grace after Meals.

Holly Robinson and Pam Gardner.

Everyone present who helped in this event.

Eddie, Jeff and Gayna Bassin, and Marv Mandelbaum, Gayna's brother.


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