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Thursday, December 24, 2015

6:45 pm

Presented by NHS Mens' Club

NHS Men's Club presented our annual Kosher Chinese Dinner on Thursday evening, December 24th. Rabbi George Barnard, our Rabbi Emeritus, presided over the volunteer chefs to provide a delicious Asian buffet feast.

At 6:30 pm, members and guests gathered in the Chapel for a short Maariv service. At 7 pm, we were welcomed into the Zorndorf Social Hall by Mens' Club past president Barry Wolfson. He explained that the meal would be served in various courses, so we began with chicken soup, into which one could add wontons, noodles and/or smoked meat (turkey).

For the next course, Laurel Wolfson demonstrated how to make a lettuce wrap with ground beef and peanuts. Finally, we were able to help ourselves to the main courses: chicken broccoli, garlic braised beef, tofu and veggies, garlic spinach and white rice.

After a dessert of fresh pineapple and cookies, attendees had a choice of playing cards and board games or watching "Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi", projected on a screen in the other half of the social hall.

Photography by Gayna Bassin.

Laurel Wolfson served the soup
Laurel Wolfson served the soup.
People lined up for the soup.
People lined up for the soup.
You could add various options to the soup: wontons. noodles
and smoked shredded meat (duck).
Peple getting soup.
Noodles and wontons
Beer and wine bottles
Beer and wine were available on the beverage table.
Laurel Wolfson at the buffet.
Laurel Wolfson demonstrated how to make a lettuce wrap.
Laurel Wolfson
First, add ground beef to the lettuce leaf, then top with peanuts.
Tanya Siff
Rabbi Barnard, standing
Everyone thanked Rabbi Barnard and friends for the wonderful meal!
Barry Wolfson
Barry Wolfson held up the Garlic Braised Beef sign.
A table
Tanya Siff, Jeff and Lois Gushin
Tanya Siff with Jeff and Lois Gushin
More tables
People at the buffet table.
The dinner buffet
More people in line for the dinner buffet.
More people in line for the dinner buffet.
The cooks in the kitchen
Many thanks to the cooks in the kitchen (left to right):
Barry Wolfson, Rabbi George and Sarah Barnard, Laurel Wolfson,
and Neil Zimmerman,
and everyone else who contributed to this festive evening!


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