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Sunday, June 3, 2018

See photos from last year's Festival here!

Photography by Gayna Bassin and Keith Bookbinder

Welcome to Northern Hills Synagogue sign with Matt Lee.

Ticket booth volunteers Tamar Meyer, Sue Amster and Lois Gushin.
People buying tickets.

Jeff Bassin, BBQ Chair, gave volunteers free tickets.

The Bernstein Food Zone, sponsored by Dr. David & Cheryl Bernstein.

Water,sodas, chips, hot dogs, BBQ brisket and chicken sliders, and chicken wings were on the menu.
Oded Zmora.

Free condiments and cole slaw.
JCRC booth.
Age Well Cincinnati booth.

Bobbie Winkler and Joe Lazear at the Wine Auction booth.
Joe and Karyn Lazear manned the Wine Auction booth.

Rabbi Noah Ferro and Bev Shapero.

Edie Rau, Ben Lee and Katrina D'Esopo talk to the Rabbi.

Amy Frankel and Natalie Freeman.

Display of JSP Judaic Art by Julie Pentelnik.

Judy Schechter and the Pentelnik art display.

Judy Schechter and Julie Pentelnik.

Mezuzah cases by Julie Pentelnik.

Menorahs by Julie Pentelnik.

Hamsa wall decorations by Julie Pentelnik.

Original jewelry display.

Silent Auction items.

Silent Auction items.

Silent Auction items.

Silent Auction items.

Silent Auction items.

Silent Auction items.

Silent Auction items.

Silent Auction items.

People looking at the Silent Auction items.

Barbara Liss is photographed for the new NHS Directory with Lifetouch Photography.

People eating under the big tent.
Gayna Bassin, photographer, and Marv Mandelbaum.
Maria Mason.

Hilary Suddleson.

Amy Healey-Callahan (right).

Rabbi Noah Ferro and Gayna Bassin.

Keith Bookbinder and Rabbi Noah Ferro.

Mark and Jane Karlsberg with their granddaughter Jenna.

The Kids Fun Zone.

GaGa game donated by Matt and Claire Lee.

Cotton candy, pop corn and Sno Cones were available at the snack tent.
Maria's Fun Zone, sponsored by Maria Mason and Keith Bookbinder.
Games and toys for kids.

Maria Mason helps with the games.

In the Bouncy House.

The Kids Obstacle Course.

Candy Gellen and Grace Lehrer ran the Bingo games sponsored by NHS Sisterhood.

Bingo players.

Jacob Landa.

The first Matza Ball Eating Contest was about to begin!

Harlan Wahrman is one of the winners!

Another winner!

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest.

How far can you spit a watermelon seed?

Matza Ball Eating Contest - Round II

Yay! We have multiple winners again!

Nice trophy!
Box of trophies.

Amy Frankel & Martha Dave.

Lisa Crawford taking payments, as the Silent Auction closed at 3:30pm.

Natalie Freeman & Lisa Crawford took payments from Auction winners.


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