Noodle Night 2012

An Original Song by Judy Miller
sung to the tune of "Fiddler on the Roof"

Away at NHS, we see a wondrous sight:
A pot of pasta cooking—it must be Noodle Night!
It’s boiling on the stove, it’s swirling round and round,
And soon we’ll all have dinner—oh, what a lovely sound.

What does it mean, this pasta on the stove?
We’re cooking up a storm and eating for a cause.
Teens from our shuls of NCUSY
Deserve our praise and our applause!

We see the pasta sauce, we see the garlic bread.
The table’s overflowing—we’ll surely be well-fed.
And while we eat and drink this bountiful repast
Observe our USYers—they’re having quite a blast!


Not only do we dine, we help Tikkun Olam.
The price that we all paid has raised a tidy sum!
And so let’s raise our glasses and make a heartfelt toast:
Here’s to our USYers—we think you are the most!


Judy Miller singing the Noodle Night Song.

2012 Copyright JDM 5/23/12



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