Financial support is available to send children to Jewish summer camps. The following link is an application for grants to first-time Jewish overnight campers:

In addition, the Leonard J. Singerman Memorial Fund at Northern Hills Synagogue supports the participation of young people from the congregation in Jewish summer camps and Israel programs. Eligible camps and programs are those which:

  1. observe kashrut and Shabbat in ways consistent with the teachings of Conservative Judaism, and
  2. include explicit Jewish educational goals (e.g., Hebrew language, religious observance, Zionism) in their stated objectives.

Applications will be evaluated by the scholarship committee on the basis of the merit of the camp or program, in terms of the criteria mentioned above, and the merit of the applicant, as expressed in such ways as involvement in Jewish study, attendance at services, and participation in USY or Kadima.

The scholarship committee may offer an applicant an interest-free loan in addition to or in place of a grant. Recipients of awards from the Singerman Fund will be expected to speak about their experiences before the congregation, or to help promote Jewish summer activities in some other way.

To apply, please download the application form and mail it to Northern Hills Synagogue. For more information, contact Rabbi Barnard at (513) 931-6038
or email:


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